November 22nd, 2018

Ford’s $1.4 Billion in cuts to transit infrastructure put Hurontario LRT among other promised projects in peril

Pointing to $1.4 billion previously earmarked for transit infrastructure that is now missing from Ford’s Fall Economic Statement, Jessica Bell, the NDP critic for Transit, demanded that Doug Ford’s government be upfront with the people of Ontario about his plans for promised projects.

“The fall economic statement cut $1.4 billion for transit infrastructure compared to what was in the 2018 budget,” said Bell. “But the government failed to specify where these cuts were coming from and what transit projects are now in jeopardy because of these cuts. Can the minister explain what transit projects that $1.4 billion is being cut from?”

Refusing to answer, Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek instead spoke about plans to break off Toronto’s subway system from the TTC and have the province take it over. That’s a plan that has garnered widespread criticism from transit experts and advocates alike.

This is not the first time Ford’s government has dodged answering Bell’s questions on their planned cuts to transit, and today they doubled down on their refusal to confirm what their plans are for the Hurontario LRT.

“Before the election, Doug Ford promised to maintain funding for the Hurontario LRT, which is scheduled for completion in 2022,” said Bell. “But the Fall Economic Statement did not mention the Hurontario LRT at all and last week the government refused to confirm the project would be moving forward. Can the minister tell us, yes or no, will he be maintaining funding for the Hurontario LRT so that it can be completed by 2022, as planned?”

Rather than providing a clear answer the Minister replied, “The Hurontario LRT is still something we are discussing within our government,” further solidifying fears that the Premier’s promise to Mississauga is set to be broken.