November 9th, 2018

Ford’s callous cancellation of Windsor law school funding is wrong: NDP’s Gretzky

Windsor West NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky released the following statement after Doug Ford pulled $20 million in promised funding to build a law school in downtown Windsor:

“Doug Ford’s callous decision to cancel long-awaited and promised funding for a downtown law school in Windsor is simply wrong. Windsor students and families have fought for years for this campus and the economic boost to our downtown core that comes with it.

The Wynne Liberals dragged its feet, only to promise funding at the onset of an election campaign. Now, Doug Ford is making things even worse by pulling the rug out from Windsor just as we were finally going to see this project come to fruition. He’s cancelled funding to colleges and universities throughout Ontario, while at the same time gifting Conservative insiders with cushy appointments and generous salaries. Doing favours for his insiders while taking away opportunities from real Ontarians is certainly not what people voted for.

Windsor families shouldn’t be forced to fight their provincial government to fund projects they need — we deserve so much better. New Democrats will continue to partner with students, families and our university and speak out against Ford’s cuts.”