November 4th, 2019

Ford government must partner with municipalities to remove lead pipes: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK – During question period Monday, NDP MPPs told Doug Ford that his government must take action and support Ontario municipalities, like Thunder Bay, to replace lead pipes from older homes that are tainting the drinking water of families across the province.

A new report shows tap water across Canada could have high levels of lead with potentially dangerous health repercussions.

“Ontarians are rightly concerned about water quality,” said Jeff Burch, NDP Municipal Affairs critic. “The Walkerton disaster showed how precious clean water really is. And our neighbours in Flint Michigan know we can’t take for granted our drinking water.”

“Should Ontarians be worried about the safety of their drinking water supply?” asked Burch.

Judith Monteith-Farrell, NDP MPP for Thunder Bay –Atikokan, said a Toronto Star investigation found that lead in tap water in Thunder Bay is still a problem.

“Even after treating the water, investigators found high levels of lead in people’s drinking water in over 100 failed tests,” said Monteith-Farrell.
“What will this government do to partner with municipalities like Thunder Bay to ensure people have access to safe and clean drinking water?”