November 22nd, 2018

Ford government refuses to commit to delivery of all-day, two-way GO

Citing the Ford government’s Fall Economic Statement cut of $1.4 billion in dedicated transit infrastructure spending, Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife demanded answers from the Ford government on their plans to deliver all-day, two-way GO to Waterloo Region.

“The words ‘GO transit’ and ‘Regional Express Rail’ were completely missing from the Fall Economic Statement, but what was there, was a $1.4 billion cut to transit infrastructure spending, despite the fact that transit is an economic driver,” said Fife during Question Period Thursday. “The people of Waterloo Region have waited long enough. When will the minister deliver two-way, all-day GO service to Kitchener?”

This $1.4 billion cut jeopardizes the delivery of all-day, two-way GO to Waterloo Region; the project requires significant infrastructure investments, including a 30-kilometre freight bypass, new bridges for road and water crossings, a tunnel under Highway 401, and new track between Kitchener and Georgetown, among other projects.

When asked if the infrastructure projects for all-day, two-way GO were slated to be cut, the Ford government refused to respond with any clarity. Jeff Yurek, the Minister for Transportation chose instead to spend time congratulating his colleagues rather than providing any clear answers, simply telling the people of Waterloo Region to “stay tuned.”

“The minister’s complete lack of an answer today on the future of all-day, two-way GO to Waterloo Region is worrying,” said Fife. “It appears that years of delayed Liberal promises may have laid the foundation for Ford’s government to do nothing on these important projects.”