October 4th, 2018

Ford government refuses to take real action on housing crisis

Hundreds of Ottawans ‘renovicted’ as low-income townhomes converted to upscale apartments

NDP MPP for Ottawa Centre Joel Harden says Ottawans deserve better than Doug Ford’s refusal to end the harmful practice of “renovictions’’ or address the housing crisis gripping Ontario.
“In Ottawa, 150 families are being evicted from the Herongate neighbourhood by major developer Timbercreek,” said Harden.
“The developer is demolishing their low-income townhomes to make way for more upscale apartments, leaving residents that are mostly new immigrants scrambling to find affordable housing, with many unable to find affordable options in Ottawa’s hot rental market.
“This is one of the largest mass evictions in Ottawa's history. The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing has called it a human rights violation. Residents of Herongate deserve justice and they're counting on this government not to fail them.”
Harden put the question directly to the Ford government Thursday at Queen’s Park.
“Will the Ford government take real action to address the housing crisis in this province and end the practice of "renovictions" so that situations like Herongate never happen again?”

No clear answers have been provided by Ford.