May 12th, 2021

Ford govt rejects AGI ban during COVID

QUEEN'S PARK — Toronto—St. Paul's MPP Jill Andrew said it is disappointing that the Ford government rejected her motion Tuesday to ban Above Guideline Increases (AGIs) to residential rents during the COVID-19 pandemic at least 12 months after.

"The Ford government continues to ignore the struggles of thousands of Ontario tenants being displaced or exploited by landlords unfairly hiking their rents, a challenge that's particularly tough during the pandemic, when so many have lost jobs or income," Andrew said.

A recent study by the group RenovictionsTO showed that applications from landlords for AGIS to rent rose by 250 per cent in the past six years, with the bulk of AGI applications coming from corporate landlords.

Andrew's motion, which Conservative MPPs voted down following a debate Tuesday, called for an immediate ban on AGIs as a necessary step to protect renters, especially during the pandemic and its recovery period.

Andrew addressed the need for an AGI ban in the legislature.