April 1st, 2021

Ford ignored Science Table warnings in February

QUEEN’S PARK — On Tuesday, Doug Ford falsely claimed, “things were looking a little rosy” in mid-February in an attempt justify his rushed re-opening.

That’s not what his science table told Ontarians at the time. The fact is, Ontario is exactly where the government’s own experts warned them we would be:

On Feb. 11, Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, Ontario’s Science Table Co-Chair, presented dire warnings of a pending third wave with widespread new cases and higher ICU admissions.

A reporter asked him: “Am I missing something here — or is this presentation actually predicting a disaster?”

Dr. Brown replied: “No, I don’t think you’re missing anything. The cases will likely rise given the variants of concern.”

On Feb. 12, Dr. Peter Juni of Ontario’s Science Table said Ontario was headed towards a third wave with a new spring lockdown because of the new variants of COVID and the easing of restrictions.

“Doug Ford’s fooling no one when he pretends things were looking ‘rosy’ in February. The advisors he’s standing with today warned him that his actions would have dire consequences. This lockdown is all on you, Premier,” said Andrea Horwath.