May 15th, 2018

Ford, PCs cheer massive Hydro One executive salaries and bonuses

Under the Wynne-Ford Hydro Scheme, both the Liberals and Conservatives would have a board raking in cash, and a raft of C-suite executives getting paid millions. And how do Doug Ford’s Conservatives really feel about that?

When he’s in back rooms, Ford feels pretty good about it. He chaired a City of Toronto board committee that approved massive increases in executive compensation including senior executive bonuses of up to 50 per cent while frontline workers received pink slips.

Globe and Mail, Jan. 6 2012:

And according to Doug Ford’s appointed star candidate, Andrew Lawton, executives “deserve” millions:

“Anyone that talks about wanting to regulate these salaries, anyone who talks about wanting to cap these salaries is forgetting a few fundamental economic principles here, namely that they’re just going to go elsewhere if they are not able to be compensated the way they deserve, and secondly they do actually deserve what they are getting."

Andrew Lawton, PC candidate for London West, Youtube:

Only the NDP will make sure Ontarians own more of, and pay less for our hydro. Andrea Horwath has a plan to bring down rates and keep them down. This will help families, businesses and municipalities struggling with the high costs of hydro.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP will:

  • End mandatory time-of-use premiums that hurt Ontario families and businesses who have no control over when they need to use power
  • Get rid of unfair rural hydro delivery rates
  • Increase funding for the Ontario Electricity Support Program to help more families stay out of energy poverty
  • Put Hydro One profits back to work for Ontarians by returning Hydro One to public hands