January 30th, 2020

Ford quietly charging families another $1.56 billion for electricity

QUEEN’S PARK — In December, the Doug Ford government quietly spent $1.56 billion on “electricity price mitigation” but hasn’t reduced anyone’s hydro bill. In fact, both hydro bills and the burden Ford is piling on taxpayers are both going up.

“Kathleen Wynne drove up the price of electricity when she sold off Hydro One, but instead of fixing it, Doug Ford is making it even worse,” said Peter Tabuns, NDP critic for Energy and the Climate Crisis. “Ontarians are paying more than ever for their hydro bills, and now they’re picking up an extra $1.56 billion tab, on top of that. Today, Minister of Finance Rod Phillips needs to answer questions about the $1.56 billion he added to the deficit, or will cut programs to cover.”

Ford campaigned on a promise to reduce hydro bills by 12 per cent by, in part, returning Hydro One dividends to Ontarians — but that hasn’t happened. Hydro bills were hiked another 1.8 per cent in October.

The $1.56-billion expense appears in interim estimates.