December 7th, 2018

Ford refusing to fight for manufacturing jobs as Ontarians watch them slip away

According to November’s Labour Force Survey, Ontario has lost 6,600 manufacturing jobs since June

Ontario NDP Jobs and Employment critic Catherine Fife said that Doug Ford is watching manufacturing jobs slip away without a plan or a fight.
“Today we learned that Ontario has lost a startling 6,600 manufacturing jobs since June,” said Fife.
“This month, Mr. Ford also refused to fight for thousands of GM jobs in Oshawa – we haven’t even begun to see the effect of those losses and the supply chain job losses that will accompany them.
“Instead of doing the work and making the investments now, to make sure the vehicles of tomorrow will be built here in Ontario, Ford is waving goodbye to thousands of jobs as they go to Mexico.”
The employment numbers released by Statistics Canada Friday show that the province saw modest gains in full-time jobs this month. According to Fife, this is clear evidence that the increase in the minimum wage has not had a negative effect on the economy, despite Doug Ford’s rhetoric and decision to cancel a scheduled increase to $15. She also called attention to the long-term economic impacts of the Ford government’s actions.
“The Ford government is behaving neither predictably nor transparently in its dealings with business, investors, or Ontarians and we’re beginning to see some of the impacts of that,” said Fife.
“When plans are hidden, it makes it harder for everyone to do business. It means that no one knows what will happen next. And that’s not good for our economy or our province in the long run.”

New Democrats will continue to hold this government to account on the decisions they make and press for solutions.”