January 28th, 2020

Ford’s latest re-announcement is “too little, far too late” for Ontario’s auto workers

QUEEN’S PARK — Wayne Gates MPP (Niagara Falls), Official Opposition critic for Automotive & Manufacturing, has released a statement in response to the Ford government’s re-announcement of support for hands-on learning opportunities.

“This is too little and far too late. The Ford government’s so-called ‘auto policy’ has been a total failure. Since it was announced, we’ve seen nothing but auto industry job losses in Windsor and Oakville, and the closure of the GM assembly line in Oshawa.

This latest re-announcement of existing funding doesn’t change the shameful attitude of Ford’s government, which has done nothing to save thousands of jobs that are being lost in the auto plants across the province.

Just yesterday GM reversed a decision to close an auto plant in Detroit, instead choosing to invest $2.2 billion in that location and create 2,000 good-paying auto jobs. When Ontario was faced with the same prospects, Ford threw in the towel before the fight even began and let those jobs go. So enough with the re-announcements, it’s time for a strong, coherent and comprehensive auto strategy that actually protects and expands the automotive industry here in Ontario.”