February 22nd, 2021

Ford votes down NDP proposal to give PSWs a permanent pay raise

QUEEN’S PARK – Andrea Horwath’s Official Opposition are continuing to fight for the help Ontarians need to get through the pandemic, and on Monday once again introduced a motion to give all PSWs a $4 an hour raise – a start on the better wages they deserve. For the second time in less than a week, Doug Ford and his PC MPPs voted against the NDP’s proposal for a raise for PSWs.

“All PSWs should have decent, well-paying, full-time jobs,” said Horwath. “We are determined to bring more help and hope to Ontarians, including PSWs — who have always been heroes, and are going to extraordinary lengths to care for people during the pandemic, all without the support and wages they deserve.”

“Last week Doug Ford didn’t bring forward one change to help people, and blocked every one of the nine positive solutions we proposed to give people the help to get through this pandemic, and the hope that we can end it. Once again, Ford and his PC MPPs voted down this proposal that would pay our PSWs more – and train and hire thousands more of them we need to address the chronic understaffing,” said Horwath.

“We won't be deterred. We'll be back with more positive proposals focused on saving lives and giving folks the help and hope they need.”

Deputy Leader Sara Singh (Brampton Centre) moved the NDP’s motion for a $4 pay raise for PSWs in the legislature Monday, that the Ford government again refused to support.

"Decades of government underfunding for long-term care has left PSWs understaffed, underpaid, and overwhelmed. The Ford government failed to recruit PSWs over the summer, leaving long-term care dramatically understaffed during the second wave that has taken the lives of even more residents than in the first.

“The motion I introduced would start to fix this right now by giving PSWs a living wage. By voting against this proposal, the Ford government has again shown it’s not willing to spend the money that’s needed to keep our loved ones safe and give them level of care they deserve.”