November 15th, 2018

Ford’s $3.2 billion in cuts will mean pain for everyday people

QUEEN’S PARK — In the Fall Economic Statement, Doug Ford and his Conservatives have cut more than $3.2 billion from the things families count on and warned that more pain is coming, with even universal health care under review.

“Things were already getting tougher and tougher for so many people just trying to make ends meet and get ahead of the bills,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. “Instead of fixing that, it looks like Doug Ford is hell-bent on making people pay more for the things they need in life.”

In a massive blow to low-income families and vulnerable children, Ford is cutting nearly $1 billion from children, youth and social services, compared to the 2018 budget. The details of how that cut will hurt people are being withheld until Nov. 22.

Rent control is being scrapped for new units, a way to drive up prices.

And, in more bad news for the people of Ontario, the government’s line-by-line review suggests reconsidering universality — like Medicare. Ford’s economic update says publicly funded health benefits and the Ontario Drug Benefit Program may both be changed.

“Today’s report glosses over the pain average folks will feel as a result of Doug Ford’s cuts,” said Horwath. “They’re already waiting too long for health care, and languishing in hospital hallways. They’re already sending their kids to crumbling schools in which the water fountains aren’t safe to drink from.

“People deserve better than this.”

Ford has helped out one group with his Fall Economic Statement. He is cancelling two high-income surtaxes, opening up another loophole to give a bigger tax break to the highest earners.