August 16th, 2021

Harden: Ford must open temporary drive test sites in Eastern Ontario

OTTAWA — The Ford government left Eastern Ontario out of its plans to open new temporary drive test sites, forcing people to continue waiting. NDP MPP Joel Harden issued the following statement in response to rising concern about the drive test backlog in Eastern Ontario:

“It’s unacceptable that people living in Eastern Ontario, who’ve waited over a year to take their driving test, will have to wait even longer, because Doug Ford excluded our entire region when deciding where to locate temporary centres.

I’m hearing from constituents who are at their wits’ end trying and failing to book their road tests. It’s particularly stressful for those who need to drive a vehicle for work, as they’re facing lost wages and fewer job opportunities because of these delays.

With a backlog of 700,000 road tests, half measures will simply not cut it. This government has had over a year to come up with a plan, but their approach leaves out millions of people in areas where no new sites are opening.

Doug Ford needs to stop ignoring Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. His government must act immediately to open up temporary test sites in our region.”