March 10th, 2016

Hatfield: Windsor seniors can’t afford increased drug costs

Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Percy Hatfield called on the government to reverse its plan to nearly double costs for seniors across Ontario. Hatfield drew attention to the impact this is having on seniors in Windsor, who have seen new drug costs, and are worried about the Liberal plan to nearly double costs for most seniors. 

“Seniors, struggling on fixed incomes can’t afford to pay more for their drugs,” said Hatfield. “I heard from a constituent whose husband needs a daily dose of aspirin for a heart problem.  It’s no longer covered by his private health insurer. Now – the Liberals want to charge seniors even more – practically double for their prescriptions.”

Fixed income seniors in Windsor-Tecumseh and across the region are already struggling due to skyrocketing hydro bills. Increasing drug costs will only add to their concerns.

“Nearly doubling prescription costs for most of the seniors in my riding is going to have a major impact. To the Premier changing these drug costs might just be a number in the budget, but these are real people,” continued Hatfield.

New Democrats have launched a petition to demand the Premier not increase drug costs for Ontario seniors.