June 5th, 2018

Horwath’s health care, affordability focus for Brantford families that can’t afford Ford

Ford’s cuts risk 92 health care jobs, 10 hospital beds, two school closures

BRANTFORD – Just two days before the election, Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath was in Brantford Tuesday, contrasting her hopeful plan for better health care and shorter wait times with Doug Ford’s plan to cut 92 health care jobs in Brantford alone.

“Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve met so many people who are ready for something completely different from their government. A government who puts them at the heart of every decision – from lowering hydro bills to ending hallway medicine,” said Horwath. “Those are the people I’m running for.

“And I’m hearing so much hope in Ontario. Hope that we don’t have to settle anymore. We don’t have to wait longer for care or pay more for the basics. I want people to win this election, and I’m pretty confident that, together, we can.”

On the other hand, Doug Ford’s uncosted plan includes deep cuts to services – health care, education and more – in order to bankroll a multi-billion dollar tax break for big businesses and a sizable tax break for big six-figure earners – while most Ontarians would get just $18.

In exchange for that $18, Ontarians will be asked to withstand $6 billion in cuts that, in Brantford alone, would mean 92 frontline nurses and health care professionals would be laid off, 10 hospital beds would be closed, two schools would be shut down, and more.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” said Horwath. “Kathleen Wynne has given up the fight against Doug Ford’s cuts - but I haven’t. Join us to stop Doug Ford’s cuts, privatization and corruption.”

Horwath’s platform includes costed commitments that include:

  • Ending hallway medicine
  • Fixing seniors care
  • Lowering hydro bills by 30 per cent
  • Creating thousands of student co-op jobs and internships
  • Providing drug and dental coverage for everyone

The NDP’s fully-costed Change for the Better platform can be found at ontariondp.ca/platform.