September 12th, 2018

Horwath’s NDP join with Ontario families in historic demonstration rejecting Doug Ford’s abuse of power

Horwath to move Reasoned Amendment to delay rights-stripping bill

Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath and NDP MPPs were ordered to be kicked out of the legislative chamber Wednesday as they stood up to Doug Ford as he tried to table a bill that cancels a section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The removal of the NDP MPPs comes on the same day that everyday Ontario people, including seniors, were handcuffed and removed from the visitor’s gallery of their legislature.

“Doug Ford has attacked the courts. He attacked democracy. And now, he’s attacking any Ontario person who dares to disagree with him,” said Horwath.

“He has signaled that he’ll use this tactic to undermine our Rights and Freedoms anytime he feels like it. We won’t stand for Mr. Ford’s blatant abuse of power – New Democrats will continue to speak up and reject his attack on our Charter rights.”

Horwath said she will file for a special amendment to stall the progress of Ford’s Charter bashing bill for two sessional days, adding that they’ll use whatever tools they can to slow down Ford’s steamroll over the people, and their Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“The jurdicairy has a critical role to play in a democracy. So does the media. And so do the voices of everyday people – this is their legislature and their province.

“We reject Doug Ford’s actions to hold Toronto’s election hostage until he gets his way.”