June 5th, 2014

Horwath to clean up corruption and increase accountability in first 30 days

NIAGARA - Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario New Democrats, says her first priority as Premier will be cleaning up corruption and bringing accountability to Queen’s Park with legislation that will strengthen the ban on partisan advertising and give the Ontario Ombudsman expanded oversight to protect the public interest.

“Families are struggling to make ends meet, and we should be spending money on their priorities like creating jobs, lowering hydro bills and cutting ER waits. Instead, for 10 years we’ve had a Liberal party that put themselves first while people fell behind,” said Horwath. “If we’re going to deliver for families, we have to clean up Queen’s Park.”

Horwath says that she will introduce a “Respect for Ontarians Act” within 30 days of forming government. The Act will close loopholes in the ban on partisan government advertising and expand Ontario’s Ombudsman oversight into healthcare, long-term care, and Ornge.

“As we saw in this week’s debate, Kathleen Wynne can’t defend the Liberal record because it’s indefensible. We need New Democrats to bring change to Queen’s Park,” said Horwath.

The New Democrat Leader also dismissed the Hudak Conservatives as the wrong type of change, “The solution to bad ethics isn’t bad math. Voters don’t have to choose between billions in scandals and a hundred thousand layoffs.  They can pick a plan that makes sense.”