April 21st, 2022

Horwath promises universal access to contraception

TORONTO – NDP Leader Andrea Horwath will fully cover prescription contraception under OHIP if elected on June 2.

“For decades, people have paid a price for family planning,” said Horwath. “Just imagine what it’s like for people trying to cover the sky-high cost of living, sky-high rents, and having to shell out $30 a month, every month for years on end, for birth control.”

Horwath said the change will remove any cost barriers that limit people’s ability to make free choices about their reproductive health, and can be done within weeks of the June election. Horwath will also have more to say on Pharmacare during the campaign.

Currently in Ontario, OHIP does not cover contraception costs, only vasectomies. In 2018, Doug Ford further limited OHIP coverage for prescriptions including birth control for people under 25.

Horwath’s plan will cover all prescription contraception. That includes emergency birth control like Plan B, the pill, intrauterine devices (IUD), implants, shots, patches or rings.


Dr. Hava Starkman and Dr. Nour Bakhache, Co-chairs, Cover ContraceptiON

“The reproductive health needs of our population are urgent and growing. The time to act is now. Ontario must step forward to champion the reproductive rights, health, and autonomy of its peoples and implement universal, no-cost contraception coverage for all.”