September 14th, 2015

Horwath calls on Premier to answer for her about-face on $15 a day child care in Ontario

Today, during Question Period, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called on the Premier to answer for her about-face on affordable, $15 a day child care in Ontario. 

“The Liberal government voted in favour of my motion to work with a new federal government to deliver 15 dollar a day child care to families here in Ontario, but now the Premier is more interested in playing partisan games and attacking the only federal plan that will deliver quality, affordable child care,” said Horwath.


Last November, Horwath put forward a motion in the Ontario Legislature calling on the province to address the lack of affordable child care in Ontario. The motion stated:

Therefore, in the opinion of this House, this province should partner with the Federal Government to ensure that every parent in Ontario has access to childcare at a cost of no more than $15 a day per child.

The motion was passed with support of the Liberal members of the government.

“Parents across Ontario are struggling to find affordable, quality child care, and thousands of kids are stuck on waiting lists for spots that their families can afford,” said Horwath. “It’s shameful that the Premier is putting the interests of the Federal Liberal Party ahead of Ontario’s children and families.”