May 29th, 2017

Horwath demands Wynne withdraw regulation forcing political messages into hydro bills

On Monday, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath demanded Premier Kathleen Wynne withdraw her new proposed law that would force all electricity companies to insert Wynne's political message into hydro bills until the next election. 

The proposed regulation is being pushed through Wynne’s cabinet this month. It includes a specific, self-promoting message Wynne plans to force all electricity vendors and sub-metering companies to insert into hydro bills.

“I think everyone who pays a hydro bill will be frustrated and upset to learn that they’re now paying for misleading Liberal advertising to be delivered right to their doorstep – by law,” said Horwath. 

“The message Kathleen Wynne is forcing onto our bills isn’t even telling people the whole story – not even close. She’s leaving out the part where her hydro borrowing plan will wipe out any short-term savings and cost Ontarians much more. In short order, people will see the effect of this scheme in black and white in the form of higher hydro bills that will keep skyrocketing for 30 years.”

Wynne’s scheme to subsidize hydro bills will borrow $24 billion now, and cost between $45 billion and $93 billion, according to independent Financial Accountability Office of Ontario (FAO). An FAO investigation published last week found that, as a result, the hydro bills of Ontario families will skyrocket yet again after the next election. 

“Kathleen Wynne is so desperate to save her political skin, she doesn’t care about what her high hydro bills are doing to families,” said Horwath. 

“People simply can’t take any more price hikes. That’s why the NDP released a hydro plan that lowers hydro bills by 30 per cent, and puts Hydro One back in public hands. It’s a long-term solution that lowers bills now, and keeps them down.”

Wynne’s proposed new regulation – which would become a part of the law if passed by Wynne’s cabinet – is a 115-word statement that must be included on or in hydro bills until July 1, 2018. The next provincial election date is set for June, 2018.