November 16th, 2014

Horwath Earns Resounding Vote of Confidence from Delegates at Convention Ontario NDP Leader Charts a Plan Forward for a Fairer and More Progressive Ontario

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath received a resounding endorsement of 77% from party delegates, increasing on her 2012 result, as she delivered a bold plan for strengthening healthcare, improving childcare and protecting the environment.
“I’m grateful for today’s vote of confidence and the continuing trust of my party as we move forward together in our determination to build a fairer and more progressive Ontario.”

In her address to convention, Horwath championed New Democrats’ commitment to social democracy and called for a better Ontario that cares for the vulnerable and creates good paying jobs across the province.
'Friends, we want a more equal society that values every citizen – whatever their background, gender, sexual identity, religion, abilities, or language that creates real equality for all citizens,' said Horwath.
Delegates worked hard to pass resolutions calling for: affordable childcare; support for the slots-at-race track program; keeping schools open as community hubs; a greater percentage of Canadian content in transit purchases; a 5-day homecare guarantee;  benefits for first responders suffering from PTSD; and the immediate implementation of the Elliot Lake Inquiry recommendations.
Horwath thanked volunteers and candidates for all of their hard work during the last election campaign and honoured the tireless service of her 20 NDP MPPs.
'As the only functioning opposition party at Queen's Park, New Democrats will fight for a province with a real future that is shared fairly with the people whose labour will make it happen,' said Horwath.
'We owe the generations to come a strong public health care system, strong public education, clean air, land and water. These are our hopes. These are our goals. That is our agenda for government.'