August 12th, 2021

International Youth Day Statement: NDP Youth Opportunities Critic

YORK SOUTH—WESTON — Faisal Hassan, Youth Opportunities critic for the Official Opposition NDP and MPP for York South—Weston made the following statement on International Youth Day:

“Today, we recognize and celebrate International Youth Day, first established by the United Nations in 1999. August 12 is an important opportunity to recognize the significant contributions made by youth in Ontario, Canada and around the world.

I am continually impressed and inspired by young peoples’ community involvement and advocacy, whether on climate action, building more resources and opportunities for youth or fighting for a more equitable and safer Ontario for everyone.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on young people. Remote learning, social isolation, reduced job opportunities and financial struggles have increased the need for support such as expanded mental health services.

The NDP will continue to push for the government to establish a post-pandemic Child & Youth Action plan, created in consultation with youth leaders and education and child development experts, to ensure young people in our province are supported in getting back on their feet academically, socially, emotionally, and economically.

On International Youth Day, I renew the call for the government to step up and put children and young adults front and centre in efforts to rebuild our economy and stronger social services.

International Youth Day not only gives us a chance to celebrate the contributions of youth, but a reminder that we must continue to advocate for the government to do the right thing and provide young people the assistance and supports they very much deserve.”