June 6th, 2018

It’s time Kathleen Wynne took her own advice

Kathleen Wynne is out of the race, and has abandoned the fight against Doug Ford – but she’s working hard to defeat New Democrats.

Liberal pundits have reported that the Liberal campaign would rather see Doug Ford become premier than Andrea Horwath.

Voting for the third place Liberals won’t elect a minority government – it will elect a Doug Ford majority. Only a vote for Andrea Horwath can stop Doug Ford.

It’s time Kathleen Wynne took her own advice.

The NDP has dusted off and updated a key section of Kathleen Wynne’s 2014 open letter to NDP supporters in the last days of the election.

"In an effort to win just a few seats in the Legislature, Kathleen Wynne has abandoned the people the Liberals once professed to defend. In doing so, she’s created the very real possibility of a Doug Ford majority government."

Wynne’s complete letter from 2014 can be found at: