November 25th, 2021

Jamie West chosen to be the NDP candidate in Sudbury

SUDBURY — New Democrats in Sudbury have once again selected incumbent MPP Jamie West to be their NDP candidate in the 2022 provincial election. West currently serves as the Official Opposition critic for Northern Infrastructure, Transportation and Roads.


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath
“Jamie West is a strong voice for the people of Sudbury. He’s put the priorities of Sudbury and Northern Ontario first at Queen’s Park, pushing back against Doug Ford’s big cuts and bad decisions, and fighting for Sudbury and the North to finally get its fair share. We need Jamie to help rebuild and improve education and health care, to fight for the next generation, and to finally help working people get the respect they deserve.”

Jamie West, NDP candidate for Sudbury
“I’m humbled and excited to be running again to represent the people of Sudbury and Copper Cliff. With Andrea Horwath, I know we will build a government where small businesses are supported and Sudbury families finally get the essential services and good jobs we all deserve. During the pandemic, instead of helping, Doug Ford and the Conservatives focused on doing whatever his buddies wanted, and we paid a price for that. We need to undo Doug Ford’s damage to Laurentian and re-build francophone and indigenous post-secondary education, make sure Highway 69 is finally completed, and give Sudbury families improved access to health care and supports.”


  • West has been the MPP for Sudbury since 2018, and is currently the Official Opposition critic for Northern Infrastructure, Transportation and Roads. In that role he’s been fighting for the completion of Highway 69 and better winter road maintenance.
  • West is a proud graduate of both Cambrian College and Laurentian University. Jamie has worked in the fields of mental health, safety, construction and mining.
  • West has devoted himself to fighting poverty, ending the opioid crisis, improving worker safety, advocating for equal access to autism supports for families in the North, rebuilding education and healthcare, and tackling the climate crisis.
  • Jamie is a husband and father of three, living in Sudbury with his family.