December 10th, 2015

LGBTQ families one step closer to parenting equality: NDP

This afternoon, Ontario NDP LGBTQ critic Cheri DiNovo’s Bill 137, Cy and Ruby's Act, protecting the rights of LGBTQ parents, is one step closer to law as it passed second reading today in the Ontario legislature.

Cy and Ruby's Act will make birth registration services equitable to LGBTQ families and their children, and modernize the language to be more inclusive of all LGBTQ families. For example, the bill would make sure that lesbian co-mothers who use donor sperm would be able to include both mothers’ particulars on the child’s birth registration form.

“This will ensure LGBTQ families have equal parental recognition,” said DiNovo. “We’re now one step closer to removing a major source of unnecessary stress and legal costs for LGBTQ parents, who are currently forced to fight a discriminatory system.”

Cy and Ruby's Act will bring Ontario’s birth registration process into line with other Canadian jurisdictions, such as Alberta and British Columbia, that have allowed equal access to birth registration for some time.  

“Parents should not be forced to adopt their own children,” said DiNovo.