February 16th, 2016

Liberal government fails to explain how its “crown jewel” bridge failed to survive a single winter: NDP

Today in the legislature, NDP Transportation critic Wayne Gates (MPP Niagara Falls), demanded to know how a $106 million bridge providing a crucial connection between eastern and western Canada failed to survive a single winter. 

“How is it possible for the government to spend $106 million without making sure that this bridge could withstand an Ontario winter?” asked Gates.  

The $106 million Nipigon River Bridge opened to traffic less than three months ago. Following the arrival of winter two months later, the bridge buckled and failed.

“Who is responsible for signing off on a bridge that failed upon its first encounter with an Ontario winter?” asked Gates. 

The Minister of Transportation would not explain how the government built a $106 million bridge that failed to survive a single Ontario winter.