June 5th, 2018

Liberals Promised to Not Use Back to Work Legislation in York U Strike

Kathleen Wynne must answer for being dishonest to students, faculty members and voters.

The Liberals have now spent weeks attacking the NDP for standing with working people. But a secret recording shows that Kathleen Wynne's own Minister of Advanced Education promised CUPE that the government would do the same – vowing that the Wynne Liberals would “not introduce back to work legislation.”

Wynne must answer for her cynical attacks – and why she promises one thing to some people; and the opposite to others.

I want to be clear that as government we will not intervene to end the strike and that it's important that you and your members understand that the government will not introduce back to work legislation as we did during the strike in the college sector. The responsibility for ending the strike is yours and with York. If an agreement cannot be found at the table, then unfortunately for all, the strike will continue. - Mitzie Hunter, January 28, 2018