November 30th, 2015

Liberals continue to ignore rising food bank usage in Ontario: NDP

As vulnerable Ontarians continue to fall further behind, NDP GTA critic Cheri DiNovo asked the Deputy Premier when the Liberal government plans to finally admit it has failed Ontarians and finally commit to making the fight against poverty a priority.

“A recent report on food bank usage in Ontario shows that, since 2008, food bank usage has risen nearly 15%,” said DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale — High Park. “The numbers speak for themselves: 90% of food bank users are rental or social housing tenants, 12% are senior citizens living in poverty and 27% of single seniors are now living in poverty in Ontario.”

Reports have also revealed that half of food banks in Ontario are reporting an increase in use, while 34% of food bank users are children. Senior citizens make up nearly a third of people living in poverty.

“These numbers are nothing to be proud of,” said DiNovo. “This government has had 12 years to act on poverty, yet is absolutely failing vulnerable and impoverished Ontarians. Will this government finally make fighting poverty a priority — not in 10 more years — but right now?”