February 4th, 2015

Liberals' failed health care privatization experiment puts patients at risk: NDP MPP Fife

WATERLOO— NDP MPP Catherine Fife said it’s completely unacceptable that patients at a private clinic in Kitchener were infected with hepatitis C and called on the Liberal government to put patients’ safety first.   

“These infections were preventable, yet under the Liberals, crucial procedures are being moved out of hospitals and into private clinics, without proper oversight. The result, for some patients, is devastating.” said Fife. 'People turn to the healthcare system to help them get better, not make them more sick.'

Waterloo Region Public Health reports five patients treated at the Tri-City Colonoscopy Clinic in Kitchener were infected with hepatitis C.

“One in seven private clinics is failing to comply with safety standards,” said Fife. “It’s time to stop the Liberals’ failed privatization experiment until they can put Ontarians’ safety first.” 

Across Ontario, 44 clinics have fallen short of basic standards in just three years, according to CPSO inspections. Meanwhile, the number of private clinics has skyrocketed by 31 percent since 2010 under this Liberal government.

At least 20 patients in Ontario have contracted serious infections at these private health clinics.