December 3rd, 2015

Liberals have yet to act on Auditor General’s report on home care waiting list crisis from five years ago: NDP

Following a blistering Auditor General’s report yesterday that shows Ontario seniors continue to suffer under the province’s waiting list crisis years after it was identified by the Auditor General’s 2010 report, NDP Health and Long-Term Care critic France Gélinas demanded the Premier answer for five years of her government’s failure to act to resolve the crisis. 

“When the Liberals want to sell off our public hydro to cater to their small group of powerful friends, they move faster than ever. But when thousands of seniors suffer for months on end waiting for home care, the Liberals waste five years and the problems only get worse,” said Gélinas, MPP for Nickel Belt. 

In 2010, the Auditor General reported long waiting lists for home care and told the Liberal government to resolve the crisis. Now, this week’s report by the Auditor General, reveals the issues remain as a staggering 65% of home care clients still do not get assessed on time, with some forced to wait 400 days or more. No standards of care have been developed, no solid oversight of private home care companies has been put in place and the list goes on.

“How can this Premier defend five years of inaction, five years of broken promises, and five years of suffering for Ontarians who deserve so much better from their government?” asked Gélinas.