May 12th, 2015

Liberals Shut Down Debate -- They Don’t Want To Hear From Ontarians

Queen’s Park- Today, the Liberal government moved to shut down any and all debate on whether their plan to privatize Hydro One should be taken to public hearings across the province.

“The Liberals are so dead-set on ramming through their hydro one privatization plan that they won’t even allow MPPs to debate how many communities hearings should be held in,” said NDP House Leader, Gilles Bisson.

“It is bad enough the Liberals have brought in closure on this critical issue but today by ringing bells for much of the afternoon the Liberals have shut down debate on the closure motion.  This utter lack of respect not just for Ontarians but the parliamentary process is quite arrogant. This once again proves just how out of touch this government is with the concerns Ontarians have with their short-sighted scheme sell-off Hydro One and the real price families will have to pay if it goes through.”