October 29th, 2020

McVety’s application edited to hide McVety family’s use of school as a personal bank

QUEEN’S PARK — Charles McVety has edited his school’s application to hide troubling facts, including the fact that the McVety family has taken more than $800,000 cash from the in-deficit Canada Christian College (CCC).

The McVety family applied to the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) to make its Canada Christian College a degree-granting university, apparently after McVety received assurances from Doug Ford that would happen. The Ford government has tabled legislation to circumvent the PEQAB process and make McVety’s fundamentalist institution a university. McVety, known for outspoken racism and homophobia, is a political backer and friend of Ford’s, and helped put him in office.

“The decision to re-write the law to help a friend of Doug Ford’s, who has a history of vile hate speech, is a heinous and indefensible backroom deal,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. “And helping McVety’s coverup by allowing him to remove and redact the application is shocking evidence of ongoing favours to Ford’s friend, who is an extremist Islamophobe, transphobe and homophobe.”

The Organizational Review submitted by CCC showed the McVety family owes the school $860,741. The college’s deficit was $824,841 in 2019.

The document was also edited to remove the CVs of the college’s leadership, which appear to reveal that the school’s registrar is making false claims about her qualifications. Jennifer McVety, who is married to Charles McVety, consistently refers to herself as Dr. McVety, and claims to have a D. Litt (a Doctor of Letters, a designation higher than a Ph. D), but her now-hidden CV shows she has a Bachelor of Christian Counselling from CCC and a certificate in biblical studies.

The application was removed Thursday Oct. 22 and reposted Oct 28, with changes amounting to 91 removed pages. In the legislature on Thursday, under questioning from Horwath, the Ford government said that was allowed because of a “technical glitch.”


The original 315-page submission included pages that have been removed from the final version re-uploaded on October 28. The substantial changes are:

  • Job descriptions all removed (pages 11-23)
  • CVs of faculty members and Senior Staff removed (pages 152-182)
  • Faculty Procedures Handbook removed (pages 198-224)
  • Financial information removed (pages 296-315)

McVety and son received hundreds of thousands of dollars of loans

The financial information removed from the application (page 311) shows Charles McVety received a loan worth more than half a million dollars that he is paying back to the CCC. It is unknown what year he received this loan. In 2018, it was worth $597,542. In 2019, there was still $555,536 outstanding.

The same page also shows his son, Ryan McVety, Vice-President, General Counsel of the CCC, received a loan of $280,000 to relocate his home to Whitby. He owed $172,360 of this amount as of December 2019. He also received an additional loan which has increased in value from $118,099 to $132,845 for an additional purpose.

In total, the CCC is owed $860,741 from Charles and Ryan McVety while the college’s deficit is $824,841 in 2019.

Jennifer McVety, wife of Charles and Registrar of CCC, calls herself a doctor

In four locations in the document, Jennifer McVety is referred to as “Dr. Jennifer McVety.”

However, her CV, which has been removed from the new version of the application (pg 171), states she has a Bachelor’s degree in “Christian Counselling” from CCC and no other titles nor education nor honourary designations. There is no evidence she is, in fact, a doctor.

PEQAB Takes down applications:

Regarding the applications’ removal from the PEQAB website, PEQAB Board director James Brown told Queen’s Park Today: “They were taken down last Thursday because they weren't ‘fully web compliant’ the public comment period is expected to be extended.”
Queen’s Park Today, Oct. 28, 2020

Gila Martow: “In terms of the website, PEQAB has said that there was an issue with the web compliance of the application, and they are working to have it posted publicly again very soon.”
Hansard, Oct. 27, 2020