December 5th, 2018

MPP Fife challenges Ford government’s new timeline for two-way, all-day GO

QUEEN’S PARK- During question period Wednesday, Waterloo MPP Catherine Fife challenged Ford’s Minister of Transportation on the government’s updated plans for delivering two-way, all-day GO to Kitchener.

“Minister, a few weeks ago when I asked about two-way, all-day GO to Waterloo Region, the response was to ‘stay tuned.’ Well, we’re tuned in, but what we’re seeing isn’t positive at all,” said Fife.

Metrolinx’s new business case for GO Expansion takes two-way, all-day GO to Kitchener out of the main plan and pushes the completion date for the Kitchener line to as far away as 2030.

The new GO Expansion plan outlines significant improvements from Union Station to Bramalea, including faster travel times and more frequent service. But, there is no clarity about what transit improvements will be coming for communities farther down the line.

“What about the rest of the line? What about Brampton, Guelph, Georgetown, and Kitchener?” Fife asked. “Our province will never be able to compete globally if Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto are separated by a 100 km long parking lot.”

When asked what the plans are for the remainder of the Kitchener line, the Minister of Transportation provided no answers.