April 18th, 2019

NDP calls on Doug Ford to reveal costs of his partisan ads

Elections Canada asked if Ontario must register as third-party federal election advertiser

QUEEN’S PARK — In the legislature's question period Thursday, NDP Deputy Leader John Vanthof asked Doug Ford how much public money he plans to blow on partisan ads in the lead up to the federal election. At the same time, the Official Opposition NDP sent a letter to Elections Canada to ask if the Ontario government should be required to register as a third-party advertiser in the federal election since the sticker, radio and TV advertising Ford is doing with Ontarians' tax dollars is in support of federal Tory Andrew Scheer.

“A week ago, Doug Ford revealed a budget that asked families across Ontario to expect less from their government,” said Vanthof.

“But when it comes to promoting themselves and their partisan agenda, the Ford government believes in big government and shelling out big money. They're spending piles of taxpayer dollars on partisan ads, and even taking the unprecedented action of passing a law that will fine gas stations $10,000 a day if they don't participate by displaying the ads on every gas pump."

Vanthof said families want to see investment in their under-resourced schools and their over-crowded health care system, but instead they’re getting cuts while the government invests time and money on a partisan agenda.

Ford refused to reveal how much of Ontario people's hard-earned money he's siphoned away to pay for pro-Conservative federal campaigning.