October 1st, 2019

NDP Culture Critic highlights impact of Ford’s culture cuts on magazine industry

MPP Jill Andrew urges government to reverse cuts

QUEEN’S PARK – New Democrat Culture Critic Jill Andrew joined editors, cultural workers and publishers at Queen’s Park to highlight the impact of Doug Ford’s culture cuts on Ontario’s magazine industry and the people who work in it.

“Cultural industries are a major economic driver and help define who we are in an increasingly globalized world,” said Andrew. “At a time when we need to nurture made-in-Ontario cultural voices, Doug Ford has made reckless cuts that put culture and culture sector jobs at risk.”

In the fallout from Doug Ford’s 2019 Budget, the Ontario Arts Council, facing an overall cut to its budget, has made serious cuts and has eliminated several grants entirely – including the “Publishing Organization Project” Grant that was specifically designed to promote Ontario-based, Canadian-owned book and magazine publishers that primarily publish original art and literature, critical commentary on the arts or substantive cultural commentary. Small magazine publishers say that these cuts will impact their ability to compensate contributors and continue publishing.

“Doug Ford’s reckless and short-sighted cuts will cost us much more in the long-run,” said Andrew. “Investing in culture and cultural creators doesn’t just promote culture, it grows our economy. I am calling on Doug Ford to reverse this short-sighted cut today.”