September 2nd, 2022

NDP: Everyone but the Ford govt knows paid sick days keep people safe

QUEEN’S PARK - During question period Thursday, NDP Labour Critic Jamie West (Sudbury) called on Doug Ford to keep workers, their families, and communities safe, by committing to 10 permanent paid sick days, and an additional 14 days during a pandemic.

West raised the story of his constituent **Barb, a local PSW. “Between the rising cost of food, rent and her student loan debt, Barb barely earns enough to support herself and her children. Barb said she worries a lot about getting sick, because, if she gets sick, she’ll have to choose between feeding her kids or endangering the elderly patients at work. That’s not a decision that any mother should have to make.”

Ford’s measly and temporary three paid sick days are set to expire in March. Ford just eliminated the mandatory five-day isolation period for people who test positive for COVID-19, another example that he is ducking his responsibility to provide paid sick days.

“Frontline workers deserve to recover from illness at home without fear that their bills won’t get paid” stated West. “Instead of 10 paid sick days, the Conservative government had to be dragged, kicking-and-screaming, to provide a measly three temporary paid sick days. This government is showing it doesn’t care about workers who get sick with something other than COVID-19, or workers who get COVID-19 and have already used their three temporary paid sick days.”