February 7th, 2023

NDP: FAO report shows Ford leaving billions unspent on health care and education

QUEEN’S PARK – The Economic and Budget Outlook from the Financial Accountability Office (FAO) shows that the Ford government will withhold nearly $20 billion in promised spending by 2024/2025. Catherine Fife, NDP Finance critic, released the following statement:

“This FAO report reveals that Ford is on track to leave almost $20 billion on the table, deliberately underspending on health care, education, and justice – services that are vital to Ontarians.

I am extremely concerned that Ford is taking money from health care and education and putting it in ‘contingency funds’ that are unallocated and not transparent. Ontarians deserve to know how their tax dollars are being spent, and the Ford government should be investing in the services that people need, not stockpiling funds with no purpose.

Budgets are about priorities. This report makes it crystal clear that Ford is not prioritizing the well-being of Ontarians.

We have been travelling around the province with the pre-budget committee, listening to delegations from organizations that desperately need funding for health care, education, and mental health supports. They are coming to us in good faith, and their concerns are not being heard. We need our government to listen to the people of Ontario and commit to spending the money they have on the services we need – not hiding it away.

The Ford government thinks they’re saving for a rainy day – but their own actions are making the storm worse.”