September 14th, 2023

NDP files elections complaint over questionable donations to Ford’s Conservative Party

ETOBICOKE – Amidst the Ford Conservatives’ corruption scandal, the Ontario NDP has filed an official complaint with Elections Ontario over questionable donations made to the Conservative Party.

The donations in question appear to be from Municipal Solutions, a lobbying company helmed by John Mutton, who multiple sources identify as the “Mr. X” from the Integrity Commissioner’s report.

Ford’s Conservative Party can’t say who actually paid for these donations, which were for tickets to a record-breaking $6 million fundraiser held behind closed doors. Official documents appear to suggest Municipal Solutions purchased two $1,500 tickets to a Conservative fundraiser and gave them to municipal politicians.

The Conservative Party’s required donations disclosures to Elections Ontario do not include the names of Mutton, the two municipal politicians who used the tickets, or Municipal Solutions.

In a letter to Elections Ontario, Provincial Director Kevin Beaulieu asked the Chief Electoral Officer to investigate these – and other – donations made to the Conservatives.

Ontario’s Election Finances Act prohibits political parties from accepting corporate donations. Donations may also not be made on behalf of someone else.

Beaulieu’s letter is available here.


Kevin Beaulieu, Provincial Director, Ontario NDP:

"Were these donations reported to Elections Ontario, as required? Who paid for them? There were 4,000 people at this Conservative gala. Were other donations not reported? Who paid for those?
As we can see from the Ford Conservatives’ Greenbelt corruption scandal, they have well-connected insiders with deep pockets and an interest in rigging the system. Ontarians deserve transparency and accountability.”