June 17th, 2020

NDP: Ford government must get Mississauga Fire Department N95 masks they need

Mississauga firefighters say supply of N95 respirator masks is running extremely low

QUEEN’S PARK – Andrea Horwath, Leader of the Official Opposition New Democrats, released the following statement in response to reports that Mississauga firefighters are almost out of N95 masks, and are being forced to wear cumbersome, self-contained breathing apparatuses when they respond to medical calls. Horwarth is calling for Doug Ford to rush N95 masks to the fire department immediately:

“Based on the precautionary principle, firefighters and other frontline workers have a right to proper personal protective equipment, including N95 masks. It is incredibly disturbing to continue hearing reports of frontline workers not having access to the personal protective equipment they need – especially so many weeks into the pandemic. Our firefighters, who risk their lives every day to keep Ontarians safe, deserve so much better than this from their government.

The Ford government continues to insist they are making PPE available to everyone who needs it, when the reality on the ground clearly says otherwise. They need to stop dismissing reports of frontline workers not getting proper PPE, including N95 masks, and instead get to work acquiring the personal protective equipment needed to keep Mississauga firefighters, and all other frontline workers safe.”