June 11th, 2020

NDP to Ford government: Stop dragging your feet on fighting anti-Black racism in Peel

Minister Lecce decides to wait even longer to act on investigator’s report on PDSB

QUEEN’S PARK – Laura Mae Lindo, Ontario NDP Black Caucus Chair and Critic, Anti-Racism and Citizenship and Immigration issued the following statement after Minister of Education Stephen Lecce stated he would wait an additional two weeks for the PDSB to respond to the investigator’s report into the Board’s inaction.

“It’s disturbing that the Minister of Education hired an investigator to investigate his investigation, and despite all these reports pointing to serious systemic anti-Black racism in Peel schools, Stephen Lecce is again taking no actual action to address it. This is happening at a time when people are literally marching in the streets calling for government to address the root causes of anti-Black racism in the systems meant to keep all Ontarians safe. Stephen Lecce is again refusing to do what’s right, and instead doing nothing concrete at all.

The Minister is prolonging this process. Before you know it; students will be back in classrooms with no better outcome. The community is demanding change. It’s time to address this, let’s get on with it.”