September 28th, 2017

NDP: Liberal gov’t dragging feet, violating human rights on non-binary ID

NDP LGBTQ Issues Critic Cheri DiNovo says the Wynne Liberals are violating the rights of non-binary Ontarians by failing to issue gender neutral identity documents.
“Today, Joshua M. Ferguson will be filing a human rights application over the delay in issuing a non-binary birth certificate by this government. In May, I asked the government about Joshua’s application to amend the sex designation on their birth certificate,” said DiNovo during question period.

“ServiceOntario’s birth certificate application should take no more than six weeks, but Joshua’s application has been ‘pending’ for over four months.”

Ferguson has not received the identity documents, despite the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services saying in a letter that they ‘understand and appreciate the negative consequences experienced by those who do not have identification that is congruent with their gender identity.’
DiNovo called on the government to follow the lead of other Canadian jurisdictions like Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Northwest Territories, and begin issuing non-binary birth certificates.
“Will the Liberal government stop dragging its feet and ensure equal rights for trans and non-binary folks, as promised five years ago with Toby’s Act?” asked DiNovo. “Does this government have to get sued in order to take action on basic human rights?”