February 12th, 2019

NDP opposes Ford plowing ahead with subway stealing scheme

NDP Transit critic Jessica Bell released the following statement in response to news that Toronto’s subways are one step closer to being stolen by Doug Ford, following the signing of a terms of reference agreement for negotiating the break-up:

“What Toronto’s subways need is the provincial investment they’re owed, not a complicated Doug Ford scheme to break subways apart from the TTC and steal control and ownership away from the people of the GTA.

The Liberals let transit crumble. Since the province cancelled its commitment to fund 50 per cent of transit operating costs, subways, busses and streetcars have become jam-packed. People’s commutes have gotten more frustrating as delays pile up.

And Ford’s scheme to take over the subways will make commutes much worse for people. That’s why Toronto city council has voted multiple times to keep Toronto’s subways, and oppose Doug Ford’s breakup plan.

We’re worried Ford is plowing ahead with this scheme because he has a plan to sell-off parts of Toronto’s subway system to those he trades favours with, so they can make a profit off transit riders.

People deserve better commutes — not more crowding, more costs and more delays.”