April 6th, 2021

NDP response to attempted eviction of single father and two kids

YORK SOUTH—WESTON —NDP MPP Faisal Hassan (York South—Weston) made this statement regarding the attempted eviction of a single father and his two children at 33 Gabian Way this past Friday:

“I was disturbed to learn that 23 Toronto Police cruisers showed up at 33 Gabian Way where an attempted eviction of a single father and his two young children was underway Friday.

I spoke to the tenant over the weekend and learned that he had fallen behind on the rent, as many tenants have, due to financial challenges because of the ongoing pandemic. He is now able to fully pay his rent.

I spoke with the landlord and assisted in reaching an agreement for the tenant not to be evicted, and for him and his family to be allowed to remain in their home. This is a victory for the family and the community members and tenant advocate community, who spoke up in support of this father and his children staying in their home.

No one should be kicked out of their home in the middle of a pandemic. The NDP has been calling on the Ford government to ban evictions clearly and completely during COVID-19.

Doug Ford has refused to listen, allowing evictions to continue, as thousands of Ontarians are removed from their homes. People need help and hope to get through this pandemic."