December 13th, 2018

NDP Vulnerable Road Users Bill Wins Unanimous Support from Toronto City Council

Today during a Toronto City Council session Wednesday, a motion put forward by Councillors Jaye Robinson and Mike Colle called for the support of NDP Transit critic Jessica Bell’s Private Member’s Bill, the Protecting Vulnerable Road Users Act. The motion passed with unanimous consent.

"I'm proud every City Councillor voted in support of my private members bill to prevent injuries and deaths among vulnerable road users including cyclists, seniors and pedestrians.” Said Bell. "It's a tragedy that Toronto is experiencing a record number of needless deaths on our roads. One death is just too many. We must save lives with real action.”

Vulnerable road users include cyclists and people who use mobility devices like walkers or wheelchairs. In Bell's bill, penalties would apply to all driving offences under the Highway Traffic Act that result in the death or serious injury of a vulnerable road user. It includes community service, license suspension, driver re-education and also requires a culpable motorist to attend court for sentencing and to hear victim impact statements.

“Urgent action is needed,” said Bell. “Toronto has had been outpacing the province in addressing the issue through initiatives such as Vision Zero, but we need all levels of government to take action. The Ford government needs to listen to the experts, and the families and friends of people who have lost a loved one on our roads, and support the NDP plan to protect vulnerable road users.”

In addition to the support received from Toronto City Council, Bell’s bill has also received support from Cycle Toronto, Bikelaw Canada, Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists, Hoof & Cycle, Toronto Bicycling Network, Walk Toronto, Kids at Play, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation, Citizens for Safe Cycling, Citizens Environment Alliance and United Senior Citizens of Ontario Inc.