May 17th, 2018

NDP would provide $140M for Ottawa transit; Wynne and Ford would cut it

We know commuters are sick of gridlock, packed buses on crowded Ottawa streets, and rapid transit construction delays. It's time for a new premier in the driver's seat to build phase two of the Ottawa LRT.

The Liberals and Kathleen Wynne had 15 years to reverse transit cuts and improve service – but they refused, and have yet to open even a single LRT line.

The PCs were even worse when they were in office. Conservative premier Mike Harris actually filled in the foundations of a subway that had been dug and paid for. And now, Doug Ford’s planned billions of dollars in cuts would make the situation even worse. On Wednesday, Doug Ford announced he would cut nearly $5 billion from gas tax funds that primarily support transit, highways, maintenance and transportation infrastructure.

Only the NDP will restore the province’s traditional 50 per cent funding for municipal transit and paratransit operations – which will relieve the crowding and waiting, right away. For Ottawa, that would mean over $140 million in operating funding from the province in 2018 alone in addition to the NDP’s full commitment to phase two of LRT construction.

The Ontario NDP platform includes:

  • Restoring provincial funding for 50 per cent of municipal transit and paratransit net operating costs – immediately improving service and helping make fares more affordable
  • Making sure that fares are affordable for all riders and continue with fare integration
  • Building new lines across the province, including phase two of Ottawa’s LRT