September 9th, 2015

NDP backs campaign to act on issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women

 Statement from NDP Aboriginal Affairs Critic France Gélinas

“On behalf of New Democrats I want to commend the initiative of the Chiefs of Ontario, in setting up the Who Is She campaign to put pressure on governments to finally heed the calls and act on the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous Women.

Without the right information there can’t be real action. It has always been the First Nations who have led efforts to give names and faces to the missing and murdered women so that we can remember, and have a number so we can know the scale of this tragedy and take action to stop it.

We join the call for a public national inquiry into this ongoing tragedy, and share the frustrations of those First Nations communities and families of the missing women at the lack of action by the Harper government. The final report of the historic Truth and Reconciliation report made clear the importance of honouring the women through a national inquiry and I also call on the Wynne government to clearly lay out the steps it is taking to fully implement the report’s recommendations.”