November 24th, 2015

NDP demands Liberal government take action on crisis in Ontario’s correctional services

Ontario NDP Correctional Services Critic Jennifer French demanded Premier Wynne and the Liberal government take action to resolve ongoing problems at Ontario’s jails, following a press conference today where corrections officers said the province is facing a crisis. 

“There’s an ongoing crisis in corrections under this government’s watch. Crumbling infrastructure built through P3 arrangements, understaffing and overcrowding levels are dangerous for everyone living and working in our corrections system.  Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. Ignoring a problem gives it the chance to grow and get worse,” French said.

“So other than tout its review, what tangibly is this government doing to fix the dire situation in our correctional facilities?

The Oshawa MPP said the Wynne Liberal government needs to stop denying the crisis exists and begin resolving the ongoing problems in Ontario’s jails.

 “This government is being asked what it’s doing about the lack of mental health training for staff. It’s being asked about malfunctioning locks and a worsening situation at the Toronto South Detention Centre and a hunger strike by inmates. It is being asked about multiple inmate deaths across the province. It is being asked why it is content to lock down facilities with inexperienced managers rather than reach a deal with its professional staff,” French said.

“Why is this government content to fiddle while there continues to be a crisis in corrections?”