February 16th, 2016

NDP demands Premier and staff cooperate with multiple police investigations into Liberal scandals

Today Gilles Bisson, NDP House Leader and MPP for Timmins-James Bay, called on Premier Wynne to assure Ontarians that she and her staff will cooperate with criminal investigations into Liberal government scandals. 

“Top Liberal insiders are presently before the courts facing criminal charges for their role in the gas plant and Sudbury byelection scandals.  That’s now multiple police investigations into the Liberals’ wrongdoing connected to the Premier’s office,” Bisson said.

“Are you going to be forthcoming and work with whomever—the police, the courts, whoever it is—in order to get to the bottom of these cases and be fully co-operative in the investigation of these matters? Yes or no?”

David Livingston, Laura Miller and Gerry Lougheed are only the latest Liberal operatives to face criminal charges.  The Premier’s current Deputy Chief of Staff, Pat Sorbara, is still being investigated.