February 18th, 2016

NDP demands Wynne government step up job creation

Today, Taras Natyshak, MPP for Essex and the NDP’s Economic Development, Employment, and Infrastructure critic, called out the Wynne Liberals for failing to meet its 2015 job creation  targets, and demanded the government focus on helping Ontarians find good, stable jobs.

“This government speaks about economic growth, but it’s so out of touch with Ontarians that it doesn’t even realize that millions of people are getting left behind,” Natyshak said.  “This government failed to meet its job creation goals last year—not once, but twice. They failed to create more than 32,000 new jobs that they had forecasted in last year’s budget.”

For nearly two years, Windsor has remained among the top two cities with the highest unemployment rate in the country.  Windsor also has the highest youth unemployment rate in the country for the 5th straight month.

“What will it take before the government stands up for Ontarians instead of prioritizing its powerful insider friends?”

Instead of helping Ontario communities hit hard by increasing job losses, the Wynne government is making life harder for families and hampering job growth by selling Hydro One.

“Time and time again, this government toasts itself on a job well done. But, Ontarians feel the service cuts, the job losses, and the increase in their energy bills due to the sell-off of Hydro One,” Natyshak said.  

Yesterday, Bombardier announced that 430 jobs will be cut in Ontario—up to 350 of which will be in Thunder Bay.  In the past three months, another 400 people were laid off at Bombardier’s Toronto Downsview plant.

“These are not just numbers. These are people’s lives. These are families that are forced to start over again,” Natyshak said.  “When will the government stand up for hard-working Ontarians and make meaningful change in this province?”